Food & Drinks

The culinary offers are varied, too. Numerous museums make sure that you can have a meal and refreshments as you explore the museums.

Three varieties of cheese toast, one of which is vegetarian. Plus a wide selection of regional drinks (with and without alcohol).

Anthropological Museum / Science Pavilion
Mexican Foodtruck - Culinary delights at Irchel: "Pimp your Taco" of course also with vegetarian and vegan options. Delicious churros for dessert and a cool drink is a must.

Archaeological collection
Delicious Mediterranean specialities from the power team of "La Fontana" and a good drop of wine or other refreshing beverages.

Botanical Garden
Those who like Indian food will get their money's worth.

Cabaret Voltaire
All night long a special cocktail will be served as a work of art, developed together with the artist Monster Chetwynd.

ETH- and University of Zurich (ETH Zurich - extract, Graphische Sammlung ETH Zurich, Palaeontological Museum, Thomas Mann Archives ETH Zurich , Zoological Museum)
On Karl-Schmid-Strasse, street food stalls will cater for your physical well-being. The mixed offer ranges from Pizza to Afghan Laziz.

Ethnological Museum
Audio-visual culinary delights with a migration background: street food from Sri Lanka with the unmistakable sound! Kottu Roti for short, which means rhythmically chopped flatbread with onions, cabbage, leeks, carrots and curries. The delicacy is served with chilli, raita and mint sauce.

Museum bar with soft drinks and beer, which are also allowed on a guided tour.

FIFA Museum
Bar classics and table footie at the Sportsbar 1904: If you're feeling peckish, you can enjoy a hot dog, a beer or fancy non-alcoholic drinks from our mobile bar just outside the museum. And: who can resist a quick match of table footie?

focusTerra - ETH Zurich
Colourful Thai curry specialties. Thai curries with seasonal ingredients freshly cooked by The Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant & Take Away from Zurich.

Friedhof Forum
The bar serves beer and gazosas.

Haus zum Rechberg
In the inner courtyard of the Rechberg Garden, Restaurant Chiffon serves delicious aperitifs, tasty soups and refreshing drinks.

The classic Helmhaus bar is not to be missed this year either.

KULTURAMA Museum of Man
The Citron Rouge food truck creates crispy pizza boats that are unique in shape and taste. Refreshing drinks are available at the museum bar.

Kunsthaus Zurich
The Kunsthaus bar serves cocktails and bar snacks between 9pm and 2am.
In the Kunsthaus cafeteria, fine drinks will be mixed and chilli con/sin carne served between 6pm and 2am. And in the pop-up project space "KunstXaus Zürich" there will also be drinks and food until 2am with "Clubhaus - Home of the New" by @clubhaus.cctv.

The LOI stays open late, serves long drinks and feeds hungry mouths until 2am.
Vegetarian bistro for people interested in art.

Snacks and drinks

Dian. Dian. Mian - Honest and tasty noodle dishes. Some people know the noodles of Dianer Ding & Jonathan Barnes from the "Milieu" or from their pop-up in the Binz. Their speciality is workers' noodles from the north of China. They have a bite, are smooth and perfectly umami.

Musée Visionnaire
In the cosy museum garden, the barbecue is running hot: for the hungry museum visitors, we will be grilling fine cervelat from our trusted butcher in Zurich's Niederdorf district. Beer, red wine and white wine are available to quench your thirst.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Ausstellungsstrasse
Delicious American hot dogs from the team at the museum café. Whether with meat sausage or a vegan sausage, everyone can appease their hunger with us that night. Drinks and homemade cake round off the culinary programme at the museum's own bar. In addition, Chrigi G. from Z. from GDS.FM will provide cool sound.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal
A culinary journey to the Middle East with the exquisite Persian and Iranian catering "Zeytoon".Mixed Drinks & Happiness: Actually, Philipp Grob doesn't make cocktails anymore, he now produces natural wine. But for the LONG NIGHT, the man from St.Gallen will once again mix what he can: Iranian ingredients and all kinds of homemade ingredients. Perhaps this is the last opportunity to enjoy his more than fifteen years of experience mixing cocktails from all over the world.

Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Sausages and veggie burgers from the Sternen Grill and drinks from the Museum Bar.

Museum Rietberg
Food stand with Tibetan momos, museum café and bar by Turicum Distillery.

National Museum
In keeping with the Italianità exhibition, Bistro Spitz offers Italian street food and refreshing drinks. If the weather is fine, you can watch the hustle and bustle of the LONG NIGHT from the terrace. The Spitz Restaurant offers a 3-course Italian menu until midnight. Reservations via Restaurant Spitz. opens its doors at 5 pm in the Museumshof - accompanied by a multi-coloured musical carpet, bars and food stalls. On the LONG NIGHT, Melodiesiinfoniie, Syncity and Okvsho will delight us with their sound.

NONAM North American Native Museum
La Chamaca Food truck with Mexican street food.

Pavillon Le Corbusier
Ice cream parlour with ice cream creations including sorbet with prosecco.

Stadtgärtnerei – Center for Plants and Education
In keeping with the cinema space, popcorn, snacks and drinks (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are available.

Bar with wine, beer, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

Swiss Finance Museum
Bar with drinks and snacks

Swiss Heritage Centre
Enjoy our birthday drink «Patumbah Royal» and a Vietnamese summer roll at the PatumBAR in the secluded park.

Tram Museum
Bread on sticks, cervelat and marshmallows a campfire like in the good old days! All guests, young and old, who would like to prepare something tasty over a nice fire once again are cordially invited to join in at the campfire behind the Burgwies tram depot.

Zoo Zurich
The various zoo restaurants and food stalls in the zoo serve delicacies of all kinds.
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Zurich Succulent Plant Collection
A cabinet of wonders on wheels will provide the necessary refreshment during or after the trip through the greenhouses the food truck of Taco Connection with Mexican treats will stop by and offer food and drinks.