Tickets for the LONG NIGHT at CHF 25 are available around one month before the event.

Ticket sales are primarily handled online°.

Combi Ticket
The price of a Combi Ticket is CHF 25*
Children under 16 years of age (born 2008 and later) enjoy free admission when accompanied by an adult. They need a free Combi Ticket, which can also be purchased online.

The Combi Ticket entitles the holder to visit all participating museums during the LONG NIGHT and to use public transport (VBZ Zone 110 (City of Zurich), 2nd class on the day of the event until 5 am on the following Sunday.

We do recommend purchasing tickets in advance. However, it is also possible to purchase tickets online via smartphone and at some selected booth on the evening of the LONG NIGHT.

° Ticket sale at Zurich Main Station:
For all those who cannot obtain an online ticket, we will be selling tickets at the Tourist Information at Zurich main station two weeks before the event.

* Annual passes, museum passes, member passes of e.g. VMS or ICOM, AHV- or any student cards etc. are not valid on the LONG NIGHT. Single tickets for only one museum cannot be purchased.